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The Drip is where I drip NBA stats and analysis year-round. You can read the latest posts, or dig through previous posts. Here you will find data dives on individual players, team analysis, and league-wide analysis. The Drip is your source for the word on the Association.

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  • Beyond the Box Score
    It is time to stop evaluating players based on statistical feats. The ubiquity of statistical data has brought with it a ready supply of historical comparisons. In today’s NBA, one can hardly turn around without running into a stat trumpeting … Read more
  • A Prediction Model for Sports Match Results – Part 3
    by André Vizzoni Introduction Parts one and two of this series of posts were quite heavy with probabilistic jargon (even with me trying to lighten it), and I hope this third one won't be like that. The main objective of … Read more
  • Can You Give Me Some Stats to Prove that Russell Westbrook Steals Rebounds?
              Properly valuing and evaluating rebounds has become something of a hot topic in recent years with Russell Westbrook averaging a triple double for three consecutive seasons despite being one of the smallest players in the history of the league … Read more