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Welcome! You’ve found the home of the next generation of NBA statistics. The Stats page and the menu below will take you to a world of insightful statistics developed from tracking data, matchup data, and play-by-play data. The Greek God of Stats offers the most accurate statistics in the analytics world, and you can’t find them anywhere else. Dive in, and find out why and how teams win in the NBA.

The menu leads to visualizations of the several of the player- and team-level statistics developed in my book, The Basketball Bible.

The dashboard below has a context-specific statistical record of the career of every player in NBA history. Defensive evaluation of individual performance has been impossible to carry out accurately for players prior to the tracking era, but the visualizations below demonstrate my work in analyzing individual defender impact on opponent performance across all of NBA history. Offensive performance has likewise been liable to abuse based upon misunderstandings of the differences between eras. The dash represents the offensive production and efficiency of every player, adjusted for his context in order to allow for comparison across time.

Matchup-Based Defense

NBA Analysis

The Drip is where I drip NBA stats and analysis year-round. You can read the latest posts, or dig through previous posts. Here you will find data dives on individual players, team analysis, and league-wide analysis. The Drip is your source for the word on the Association.

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