Career Dashboard

Below is a dashboard visualizing the performance of every player in NBA history on both sides of the ball. Defensive performance has been difficult or impossible to measure for large sections of NBA history, particularly prior to the availability of play-by-play data (1996-97). Offensive analysis has also faced the hurdle of comprehending the player’s context, with parameters such as pace, the three-point line, rules and their enforcement, and more impacting the statistical record left behind by every era. Now, for the first time, there is a way to objectively evaluate and compare individual performance on offense and defense across all eras of NBA history.

You can find further explanations of each page in the Drip:

Offensive Contributions and Offensive Detriments

Defensive Opponent Impact and Direct Defensive Impact

Report Card


O_SCORE by Volume and O_SCORE Per Possession


You can navigate between visualitzations using the nav bar at the top. For each visualization, use the dropdown bar on the right side to select the player(s) you want to view and compare.