Season Dashboard

The dashboard below has five pages, each of which can be filtered for any player(s) or season(s) in NBA history. The pages and links explaining there contents are listed below:

Offensive Z-Scores: Standardized scores expressing a player’s offensive production relative to his context, but standardized to allow comparison of players in different context. Offensive z-scores are explained here.

Offensive Differentials: Simple difference of a player’s per-minute production with average per-minute production in his context, aggregated across each season. Offensive differentials are explained here.

Defensive Opponent Impact Z-Scores: Standardized values that reflect the impact a player had as a defender on the players he guarded. Defensive z-scores examine a player’s effect on the players he covered, then standardize the result to allow comparison across eras. I explain Defensive Opponent Impact Z-Scores here.

Direct Defensive Impact Z-Scores: Direct defensive impact refers to the plays we know a specific defender (like steals, blocks, or fouls), which are recorded i the box score. These values are standardized to allow for easy and direct comparison of players who played in very different circumstances . Direct Defensive Impact Z-Scores are described here.

Defensive Differentials: These values express a player’s defensive impact relative to his opponent’s normal performance level, or relative to league average (in the case of “box score” defensive stats). I explain how to calculate defensive differentials here.